Our Story

We are a family run business consisting of three strong-minded women (poor dad!!). 

We love anything fitness, beauty and health related. Whilst we appreciate that keeping fit can sometimes be a strain with busy schedules and lots of temptation, we also realise the benefits of exercise for the mind, body and soul.

As a family with increasingly busy lives and lots of things to juggle - sometimes our health and fitness took a back-burner resulting in lack of exercise and a poor diet. This took its toll and at times our weight, health and fitness suffered. Fast forward to today and our lives haven't got any less busier but we now know that we have a duty to ourselves to incorporate fitness and relaxation into our lifestyle - whether that be a 30 minute jog, 10 minute interval training in the park, a workout in the hotel room or a 5 minute meditation session wherever possible.

We know that there are many successful and busy individuals out there juggling families or their career or both, just like us, and we understand the pressures which is why we are committed to producing products that can be easily used at home or anywhere.

We are on a journey and we invite you to share your journey with us too. Exercise, motivation and avoiding temptation is not always easy and at times you can feel isolated and feel that you've failed. We tried every diet plan under the sun and then felt guilty when we veered off track. We want to let you in on a little secret - you are not alone. So rather than beating yourself up and focusing on failure, why not focus on the good things that have come out of any regime - awareness, a plan, a goal? There are lots of things to be happy for, so don't let one little set back hold you back. We've got your back!

Our mission is to create an informative, exciting and helpful community aimed at people who don't have hours to spend on fitness, health or beauty but still want to look and feel great. Take a look at our services and subscribe to our mailing list so you don't miss out on any important info.