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Train Your Core with an Ab Roller

If you are on your weight loss journey, you’d know for a fact how challenging it is to lose that stubborn belly fat. Whether you’re eating healthy or working out daily, at times, you would feel that your stomach fat isn’t budging.

If you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, try incorporating an ab roller in your workout routine. The ab roller is basically a wheel that has two handles on the sides. It works on your abdomen area or core as you roll it forward and backward. So let’s dig in and find out more…

Advantages of exercising with an ab roller

Training your core, i.e., the midsection of your body, requires a lot of patience and hard work. If you want a sculpted and toned core, an ab roller can help you with that. Listed below are a few benefits of using an ab roller in your exercise routine.

  • Using an ab roller helps engage your entire body. It not only requires upper body strength, but also trunk stability, so it works the glutes and your lower back.
  • Roll-out exercises help improve your posture as well as strengthen a large number of muscles (almost 20) all at once.
  • Compared to traditional crunches, using an ab roller while working out produces way more muscle activity in your abs and obliques.
  • It aids in increasing your overall stamina and improving your body balance as well.
  • Working out with an ab roller promises a strong core and better posture, which means you can say goodbye to backaches.

Using an ab roller

If you haven’t used an ab roller before, you need to consider these things in order to gain maximum benefits.

  1. Make sure the surface you’re rolling on is a smooth, non-slippery floor. Tiled flooring is a big no no.
  2. Don’t arch your lower back when rolling out, even if you cannot roll out much in the beginning. Gradually you’ll be able to increase the length of each roll out exercise.
  3. When rolling in and out using an ab roller, try to keep your body stable and your arms and knees tight.
  4. Don’t forget that your core should be engaged while exercising, so concentrate on using your ab muscles.


Let’s work out

Now that you know the benefits of using an ab roller, here are a few simple exercises that you start off with.

1. Kneeling Roll Out

This is a pretty simple exercise. All you have to do is kneel on an exercise mat or smooth surface, placing your hands on each handle. Make sure your arms are straight, and try to roll out as far as you can while keeping your torso straight. Without arching your back, roll back to the starting position and repeat. Start slow, but once you become a pro at it trying doing three rounds of 10 reps.


2. Standing Roll Out

The standing roll out might be a little tricky initially, but it will benefit you for sure. Here’s what you have to do. Stand with your legs apart. Holding the ab roller in your hands, form an inverted V position. Now roll out the ab roller, keep your core tight and exhale. Remember to put the force on the balls of your feet and not your knees. Then roll the ab roller back, coming back to the standing position. Make sure to focus on your core when completing the move.


If you’re tired of doing the same old workout routine, invest in an ab roller and perform several roll out exercises that will help you train your core and strengthen your muscles. If you are looking for an ab roller, you are in the right place. Log on to our website and place your order now. You’ll be amazed with the results.