Do’s and Don’ts of Using Ab Rollers

If you’re into fitness and your fitness goals revolve around building strong abs, using an ab roller is the right tool for you. Ab rollers have a particular way of being used, and not using them the correct way can lead to getting injuries that may last a long time.

Ab rollers, if used correctly, can help you get several benefits. The primary one being building strong hard abs that strengthen your core efficiently. This article will deal with the dos and don’ts of using ab rollers.

Let’s get into it, shall we?


1.      Find a Non-Slippery Surface

Ab rollers are basically wheels with two handles on each side that make it easier for people to push. You have to push it all the way forward by squeezing in your abs and putting pressure on them and roll it back to its original position. If you do it on a slippery surface, the ab roller will tend to move rather easily, and there won’t be a point in the exercise. So, find a surface that is rough and hard, and enables you to exert force while pushing the roller.

2.      Grab the Handles Properly

The handles on each side are there for a reason – to be held or grasped sufficiently so the roller can be pushed back and forth. Holding onto the handles with too much force isn’t the right way to use the ab roller. The thing is if too much pressure or force is exerted on your grasp, other muscles in your body can tense up causing strain. Your forearms, in particular, may experience severe strain which can go up to your neck and shoulders.

3.      Have the Proper Posture

Exercising is all about form – the right form. If your body posture isn’t aligned the correct way, your workout will be of no use. All that sweat for nothing if you don’t focus on getting your form right. With using ab rollers, make sure to keep your back flat and hips up. Failure to do so can result in certain back strains. So, ensure that you have the required body to exercise with ab rollers. 


1.      Roll Forward Too Quickly

Exercising with ab rollers is all about control. Doesn’t matter if you’re swinging the wheel to and fro in a rapid manner. To make it effective, ensure that you push the roller as slowly as you can to feel the proper burn where it should. If you find the exercise too simple and not very challenging, chances are you aren’t doing it right. So, roll slowly to make ab rollers useful.

2.      Buy a Cheap-Quality Ab Roller

Some ab rollers come cheap as they aren’t built with sufficient material to be used for exercises. Such tools shall be avoided for exercises, as it’s not wise to increase your chances of getting injured during a workout. Body injuries can be dangerous and long-lasting. Hence, invest in equipment, in this case, an ab roller, that allows you to make the best use of it, and doesn’t cause any injury.

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