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Are Exercise Balls Good for Core Strength?

Are exercise balls good for core strength? Hell yeah! Besides being incredibly fun to exercise with, an exercise or stability ball is a great fitness accessory for core exercises. Stability balls provide strength and stability to your core, improving your overall muscle tone as well as helping with different kinds of back and hip injuries. They are great for low-impact workouts and can increase your flexibility.

Here are some benefits of using exercise balls for the core:

1. Exercise Balls are Miraculous for Stabilizing Core

Your core includes all the major muscles in your body that help and stabilize your movements. These muscles work in sync to keep your spine safe and help with everyday movements. Whether you are bending, running, lifting, or reaching something, you use your core muscles. Therefore, keeping them strong and stabilized is the key to performing well in your everyday tasks.

An exercise ball is a great way to exercise these muscles which are pretty hard to reach, normally. Whether you are sitting on the ball or balancing yourself on it in a lying position, you are activating these muscles which are normally impossible to activate. Although it might be difficult to maintain your balance on the ball, it gets better with time.

2. Exercise Balls Maintain Your Muscle Balance

If one of your muscle groups is stronger than another, it imbalances your muscles. The most common type of muscles that are imbalanced are your biceps and triceps. Moreover, your anterior muscles that are in the front of your body are stronger than the posterior muscles as they are more in use every day. You can fix these muscle imbalances by using an exercise ball. The ball balances your posterior muscles by supporting your lower back.  

3. Exercise Balls Improve Your Posture

In addition to balancing your muscles, exercise balls improve your posture. Using the exercise ball allows you to maintain a natural curve in your spine and protect it from arching too much. A slight curve in your spine is actually maintains a healthier posture than a flat back, according to recent studies.

4. Exercise Balls Help with Back Problems

If you often have back problems and lower back pains, exercise balls can miraculously improve your lower back pains. That’s the reason why exercise balls are used by chiropractors and physiotherapists as they help alleviate back strains and injuries. Simply lay your body over the ball and get instant relief from back pains.

The addition of exercise ball to your daily workout sessions can greatly impact your overall core and back. It’s a perfect workout accessory for stretching, body toning, core strength, and maintaining balance.