Achieve your fitness goals with core sliding discs

Usually, when we think of exercise equipment, our mind pictures huge machines that can take up all the space in our homes. However, some equipment, such as sliding discs, hardly takes up any room and provides the perfect home workout.

Shaped like a Frisbee, these core sliding discs can add a new dimension to your exercise routine. Sliding or gliding discs are used to ‘glide’ while you work out by placing your hands or feet on the disc’s smooth surface. In fact, sliding discs engage your core muscle so that you can get a total body workout.

Pros of working out with core sliding discs

  • The discs help work your whole body.
  • Exercises performed with core sliding discs are easy on the joints. And are ideal for those recovering from an injury.
  • You can use these slides in different workouts, such as Pilates and aerobics, etc.
  • Working out with gliding discs results in fluid movements, all the while engaging your muscles.

Exercising with core sliding discs help in…

Improving stability and balance:

Incorporating sliding discs in your workout routine can be beneficial to practice coordination as well as balance. Doing so will help improve stability and strength from top to bottom.

Generating muscular contractions:

When you are sliding on your hands or feet, these discs help work other muscles more intensely than usual, resulting in muscular contractions. Moreover, they increase the number of muscle groups you’re working on.

Creating muscular tension:

Being in contact with a gliding surface while performing your exercise creates continuous tension in order to maintain good form.

Core sliding disc exercises you can perform at home

There are various exercises you can try with sliding discs and get the most out of your home workout. Here are a few moves to get you started.

  1. You can begin by doing lateral lunges and reverse lunges (both for 15 seconds). Then go for plank twists, plank jacks, and mountain climbs, 30 seconds each. End by doing hamstring curls for 15 seconds. Relax for a minute, and repeat the entire thing twice. You should at least perform three sets of this workout.
  2. Another workout is gliding push-ups that involve your upper body. Put your hands on the sliding discs. Glide them apart, bringing your chest towards the floor. Bring your hands back together and return to the starting position. Performing push-ups with the sliding discs works the chest muscles better than a traditional push-up.


Core sliding discs are available for carpeted as well as smooth surfaces. You can easily store them in your closet or drawer. If you haven’t tried working out with core sliding discs, you are in the right place. Take a look at our core sliding discs and discover the terrific advantages they can provide.


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