5 Workouts You Can Do on a Core Balancing Disk

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you probably already know about the benefits of certain exercises or how to use different types of fitness equipment to have a great workout session. For those of you who don’t, we’re going to talk about a certain fitness tool that helps you with your workouts like nothing else – the core balancing disk.

It’s a simple disk that you step on and perform numerous exercises. This disc helps you balance while also helping in strengthening your core by performing particular exercises. Let’s explore a few exercises that you can do on the balancing disk to activate certain muscles of your body like crazy.

1.    Leg Raises

After standing in a straight position on the dick, slowly lift one of your legs to the side at a 45-degree angle. Make sure that you keep your knees straight and toes positioned forward. You can place your hand on your hips or in the air to keep up with the balancing act. Slowly return your leg to its original position. Keep repeating this cycle eight to ten times, then switch to the other leg.

2.    Squats

Using the balancing disk, stand in a straight position, and slowly bend your knees while going down. Make sure your knees aren’t too bent though. It’s important to keep them aligned with your shoulders. Come back up to complete one squat. Repeat this process for however long you can until your capacity runs out. Divide your reps within a number of sets to monitor yourself. Strengthen your glutes while balancing your core.

3.    Pushups

You may need two balancing disks for this. Place the two disks wide apart from each other, and place your body in a high plank position. Put each of your hands on one disk, and slowly bend your elbows while bringing your chest down to the ground. Keep repeating this cycle and do as many pushups as you can. Pushups are a great exercise as they strengthen your back muscles, chest, and core.


4.    Bridge

Place a balancing disk on the ground and lie down on the ground while placing your feet onto it. Bend your knees in a way that your heels fall beneath them. Place your arms on the ground by extending them. Press up your heels and lift your hips all the way up while squeezing your glutes. Hold that position for two to three seconds, then slowly return to your original position. Repeat this motion for a certain time until you run out of capacity.

5.    Bicep Curl

Step on the balancing disk and stand in a straight position. With a dumbbell in each hand, get your back straight and chest out. After you’ve achieved the required balance, start performing bicep curls by turning your palms up and flexing and bending your elbow. Bring those dumbbells up to your shoulders, and make sure to keep your elbows on the side throughout the workout. Slowly bring the weights down after you’re done with one curl. Perform ten to fifteen times for a good workout.

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