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5 No-Machine Workouts to Keep You Fit and Strong

Trying to find the motivation to stay consistent at fitness can be a challenge. You constantly have to remind yourself why you started in the first place to keep going. However, to release your tension and start working out, you probably think you need a gym membership – but, do you?

The truth is, your fitness can be taken care of from anywhere. You don’t require large extravagant machines to stay on top of your game. Many simple workouts require minimal or no fitness equipment at all.

So, without further ado, let’s explore a few workouts that you can do anywhere with simple or no equipment.

1.     Pushups

Start off in a flat plank position. Place your hands on the ground and keep your shoulders wide apart. After you’ve set yourself in that position, breathe in as you go down by bending your arms. Similarly, breathe out after you come back up to the original position. Keep repeating this up and down movement, and you’ve got a great exercise. Pushups are great for your core as they strengthen it. They also target your chest and tricep muscles.

2.     Squats

Another great exercise is squats. You can do them without any equipment or if you feel like adding a challenge to your workout, get a pair of dumbbells of any weight that suits you. Spread your feet apart, and bend all the way down, and then back up. Make sure that you don’t push your knees too forward while going down. More so, you can take a dumbbell in each hand while performing squats to make it a bit tough. Squats focus on your glutes, inner thighs, calves, and hamstrings.

3.     Lunges

If you want a good leg day that too without any fancy equipment, lunges are the way to go. Performing them doesn’t require the use of any big machines. How they’re done is to stand in a straight position, bend one leg forward, and then back to its original position. Then bring the other leg forward, and repeat the whole process of bending one leg at a time. Lunges mainly help you build strong hips, core, and legs.

4.     Superman Punch

First off, lie down on your stomach and place your arms behind your head in alignment with your ears. Then slowly lift your chest, arms, and legs while squeezing your butt. When your arms and legs are in the air, pull your elbows in and start throwing punches in the air. Keep repeating this to and fro punching to keep the exercise going. Superman punches are great for your back, shoulders, and butt.

5.     Burpees with Pushups

Some love this exercise, some don’t at all. Either way, it’s a very effective exercise if you don’t feel like using big machines. Stand in a straight position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down and place your hands on the floor while kicking off your legs behind you in a plank position with your hands underneath the shoulders. Lower your chest by bending your shoulders, that’s one pushup. Then jump your feet in a way that your body goes in a squat position, and finally jump straight into the air and place your arms above your head.